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Island Way Farm


70’ x 167’ indoor arena with light panels and seasonal windows for light and ventilation. The arena may be reduced to a small court dressage arena for clinics.
Footing is wood product.

100’ x 200’ fenced outdoor arena separated into a full size dressage court, and a separate area for jumps or cavaletti. Footing is sand with crumbed rubber.

61’ round pen with sand footing

Overnight stabling is available for clinics & events. G
uest stalls are 12’ x12’ with full dividers. Stabling is $30 per night and is self care - except that we will feed stabled horses in the a.m. food provided by the owner.

The main barn feed room has a refrigerator/freezer, microwave and hot pot which guests are welcome to use.

Please go to the Events page for recommendations for nearby hotels.


Island Way Farm is located on beautiful Sauvie Island, Oregon, located 10 miles northwest of downtown Portland off of Hwy. 30, easily reached from I-5 and I-84.  

The island includes a wilderness area and trails, and is home to many species of birds. There is also a sand beach along the Columbia River. Our own property is like an arboretum, with Japanese gardens and unique specimen trees. We have eagles who nest seasonally in the fir trees next to our outdoor arena, and a lovely view in all directions. An occasional blue heron or crane will land in our pastures. It is our hope that your time here will be enjoyable for both you and your horse.

LISA SCAGLIONE Classical Dressage      lascaglione@gmail.com