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Rider Information:
Both amateurs and professionals are welcome and encouraged. Horses may be of any age or level. If you are an amateur, please include in your e-mail information about your riding experience, and the age, breed, and level of your horse.  Please also include 2-3 photos of yourself riding your horse, or a short video link. Clinics are filled on a first come basis, and by seniority (those who clinic regularly). Skill level is not considered, except that riders should be beyond novice level. I apologize, it sometimes takes me up to 2 weeks to respond to requests.

Auditor Information: Regretfully, we cannot accommodate auditors at most clinics. Clinics are run single-handedly and are quite labor intensive to host and organize. Additionally, we have parking for auditors only during dry months.  Please contact me about auditing only if the clinic is advertised as being open to auditors.
If a clinic is advertised as open to auditors, prospective auditors must pre-register no later than 3 weeks in advance
                                                            Please be aware, this is a private and gated facility, and all events are likewise private.

Miguel Ralao Clinic,  July 12-13, 2014

Miguel was a principle rider and trainer at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art for 18 years, where he worked and studied with internationally recognized classical master Dr. Guilherme Borba. He competed in the 2008 Olympics, training with Kyra Kyrklund while a member of the Portuguese National Dressage Team. He has won many national championships, and has given exhibitions of classical equitation worldwide. He is also a National Dressage Judge and an international judge for Working Equitation. He is a Lusitano breeder who has worked to promote the breed by serving as an international representative for the Portuguese Lusitano Association, the APSL. He currently operates his own training stable where he prepares horses and riders for national and international competition.

Limited rider positions. Any level and all breeds are welcome. Anyone interested in riding should contact me regarding future clinics. Clinics are generally full before public announcement. Regretfully, we cannot accommodate auditors.

Arthur Kottas Clinic 
March 24-26, 2014

Arthur Kottas was accepted as an Eleve in the Spanish Riding School of Vienna at the age of 16. He rose rapidly under the tutelage of Col. Podhajsky to become Bereiter and then Chief Rider, both in the shortest time in the school's history. He was elevated to the post of First Chief Rider in 1995, and served until his retirement in 2003.  At the same time he operated his own training stable, coaching riders up to Olympic level. He is also a master of the use of in-hand work in the training of piaffe and passage. Due to his in-depth knowledge of classical dressage as well as his experience in the successful training of competition horses and riders, he is currently in huge demand world wide both as a clinician and as a lecturer.

This is the only West Coast venue for clinics with Herr Kottas.

All breeds and levels are welcome. Both amateurs and professionals encouraged.
See above for rider requirements.
Riders must ride all 3days
Those interested in riding 1 or 2 days only might be scheduled as alternates.
Clinic Now Full - Please contact me if you'd like consideration as an alternate

We're sorry, we cannot accommodate auditors at this clinic.
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